about me….

Hi I’m Emi! from emixshokudo in Copenhagen.

I have a very good enthusiasm for cooking, especially for plants based food. and also I’m really passionate about Japanese traditional homemade cooking.
I’ve been working as a vegetarian and vegan chef from Japan with experiences in Japan,  Australia and Copenhagen. I have some group cooking classes, private classes, online classes, and food catering for private parties as well. I’ve learned about health lifestyles, different types of vegan diets, and authentic Japanese home cooking. I believe that Japanese traditional homemade cooking like my grandma made is the best. It’s so healthy, tasty, and it has a lot of useful wisdoms for a simple lifestyle. and also  I like the way people used to wish their family’s health and good fortune through the dishes in Japan. I believe this makes Japanese food more beautiful. I’m so grateful to realize that after I left japan. now I appreciate my own culture more. I seek to teach how to cook healthy and nutritious food. and also I want to say cooking is so enjoyable and not so complicated if you learn properly. Now I’m happy to share my own recipes and stories from my experiences in Japan with you!

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